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New Faculty, New Website--School of Public Health, University of Alberta

The University of Alberta has created its newest faculty--the School of
Public Health. We're unique in Canada and interdisciplinary in nature.
We're focused on promoting wellness, reducing risks, and preventing
illness and injury to improve the overall health of Albertans,
Canadians, and others.

I'd like to invite you to visit our new website:,
which represents our window to the world. In it, you'll find
information about our interdisciplinary research and graduate programs,
as well as contact information for all of our faculty and staff. A
variety of resources may be accessed through our site. For instance,
you may be interested in our publications, many of which are targeted
to researchers, students, and practitioners alike.
Please visit our website to discover more about what we have to offer. We think you'll find something of interest.

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