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Low Income Women Speak Out Through Photovoice Projects

Public policies have a big impact on the lives and health of women
living in poverty. Yet low-income women are rarely given a voice in
shaping these policies. In the fall of 2005, Prairie Women's Health
Centre of Excellence began working on two projects to address this
situation, in partnership with two community-based organizations, the
Winnipeg North End Women's Centre and the Saskatoon Anti-Poverty
Coalition. Together we initiated photovoice projects with small groups
of low-income women in Winnipeg and Saskatoon.

The photovoice exhibits are available for display to raise public
awareness of the realities of living in poverty and to stimulate action
for just social and economic policies to improve the conditions of women's

To learn more and see a selection of images from these photovoice
exhibits, please visit the Prairie Women's Health Centre of Excellence
website at

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