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The World Federation of Right to Die Societies 16th Biennial Conference

Attend leading-edge presentations, establish and strengthen
international networks, learn about the successes and the
battles--locally, nationally, and internationally.

The conference features a diverse two-day program with leaders and
experts from around the world.  At the core of the conference
theme is the word choice. How we move a social agenda forward based on
the concept of individual choice will be front and centre during our
time together. The challenge comes in many forms and from many sources.
It is moving through challenge to choice that motivates us all.

This conference is open to the general public. It will be of particular
interest to medical professionals, hospice workers, palliative care
providers, advocates of choice, doctors, lawyers, health care workers,
anyone interested in the complexities of end-of-life care and the right
to die.

For more information, and to register, visit