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Health Promotion Ontario (HPO) Membership Opportunity

We are currently accepting new membership
applications for 2006-2007.  

Being a member of Health Promotion Ontario will

  • Connect you to a group of professionals with similar focus and
    interests beyond those within your own health department or
    organization through the member listserve, website
    ( and conferences.
  • Enhance your knowledge and awareness of health promotion topics
    and of best practices programming occurring throughout the province.
  • Link
    you to Health Promotion resources that will keep you updated with the
    activities that are occurring in public health/health promotion within
    Ontario and Canada (i.e., Public Health
    Agency of Canada, OPHA/alPHa).
  • Facilitate a level of communication, collaboration and
    coordination for you with other Health Promotion organizations. 
    Health Promotion Ontario serves as a channel through which health
    promotion practitioners may exchange and share methods, techniques, and
  • Provide you with an organization that promotes recognition of the
    health promotion role/discipline and a sense of professional identity towards the profession of health promoters.
  • Provide you with opportunities for training and continuing education/professional development within the existing health
    promotion workforce.
  • Provide you with current health promotion information on various
    health promotion issues; HPO is a communication and advisory resource
    for agencies, organizations, and anyone in the public and private
    sectors, thereby identifying methods of improving the qualityand
    practice of health promotion.

To find out more about our association and to access membership forms, please visit our new test website at
(although information on Health Promotion Ontario can still be found at, we are currently in transition to the new site).

Please by mail your completed forms by September 18, 2006.

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