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Inclusive Community Organizations: A Tool Kit

"The purpose of our Tool Kit is to support diversity and improve
inclusion within small to mid-sized, volunteer-based, not-for-profit
organizations. It provides the necessary foundation for community
organizations to develop a "critical lens" which will allow them to
reflect on their organization's current position and respond
effectively to ensure that they reflect local demographics. The
suggestions offered will enable community organizations to develop and
adapt initiatives that are appropriate to their individual

The Tool Kit includes

  • concrete suggestions for getting started regardless of organizational capacity;
  • a self-assessment tool to examine current policies, procedures and/or structures;
  • a step-by-step process and action plan for planning an organizational change process to increase inclusion;
  • tips on implementing and evaluating the action plan;
  • indicators for measuring success; and
  • a list of resources and contacts for further assistance." [from the website]