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Tobacco Program Manager, Perth District Health Unit

Based in Stratford, we are a fully accredited and progressive Health
Unit.  We are big enough to provide the supports you need, but
small enough that your contributions will make a genuine difference.

This individual will implement the Smoke Free Ontario program and
supervise staff involved in tobacco related activities.  We need
someone with management experience or training and a Bachelor's degree
in a health related field.  Candidates with knowledge of
inspection routines and provincial offences will be given
preference.  (Contact Camille Burnett, ext. 790)

For further information, please refer to our website at
or contact us at 519-271-7600.  To submit a resume, please send it
before August 31, 2006, to

Perth District Health Unit
653 West Gore Street
Stratford, ON  N5A 1L4
Fax: (519) 271-2195