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Dietitian-Writer, HSFO

Dietitian Assignment Description:

Three Month Pilot to Cover September-November 2006 Editorial Months


HSFO is seeking a Dietitian-Writer to

  • develop two healthy eating columns per month, one targeted to the
    general adult Health Conscious population, and the other targeted to
  • manage its "recipe business"  

The columns must provide practical and tangible tips based in evidence
and best practice. The Foundation's intent is for this individual to
become a key spokesperson for the Foundation in the areas of healthy
eating and healthy weights.  

Contract is for a 12 month period to assess consumer interest and
response to the column, however, intent is to continue projects longer

In addition to a monthly column, the Foundation has a number of
additional projects related to healthy eating, healthy weights and
physical activity health information that this individual would be a
preferred candidate for.


  • Is a Registered Dietitian
  • Has strong writing skills with an ability to communicate in a consumer friendly manner
  • Has currently, or has the potential to become, a strong spokesperson with the media and the public.
  • Knows and loves food through either a Home Economics (or related
    degree) or extensive experience working with food.  Candidate has
    a passion for Heart Healthy Eating. Ideally, candidate knows how to
    cook, knows all kinds of secrets about food preparation and storage (or
    knows where to find out the answers), and has expertise related to how
    to behavior change, either from clinical experience or as an active
    "student" of Healthy Eating and Healthy Weights behavior change
    literature. In a perfect world, the candidate would have the ability to
    develop recipes.
  • Has a good sense of the consumer, and an excellent strategic marketing sense.
  • Creative thinker, that is able to consistently come up with new
    information, or new ways of presenting existing information, that
    maintains the interest of readers, and supports Canadians in achieving
    a healthy diet.
  • Has expertise related to "parents" as a target, with respect to
    getting kids to eat healthy,  maintain a healthy weight, and
    ideally physical activity promotion with youth.
  • Candidate must be able to effectively research topics to ensure
    provision of information that is as tangible as possible, and ensure


  • Development and planning of a 12-month healthy-eating content
    plan for both our adult and our "parent" audiences: This requires
    analysis of consumer information needs and interests, and integration
    of Foundation priority messages.
  • Write two columns per month
  • Coordinate accompanying recipes.  This requires securing up
    to 5 new recipes per article via combination of pulling from existing
    recipe library, purchasing and/or securing from external source
    (paid/rented or pro-bono/borrowed).
  • Overall coordination and management of HSF recipe business
    (budgeting, acquiring more recipes, overseeing recipe guidelines,
    securing additional recipes to maintain a well-rounded collection,
    documenting recipe rights, etc).
  • Review and analysis of consumer feedback on columns and integrate feedback into content planning.  
  • Coordination with the Health Check program with regard to
    messages and content development to ensure both alignment of message
    and minimize duplication
  • Serve as a key spokesperson for HSF/O healthy eating type events and media occasions.

Other Projects

Selected writer would also be a preferred candidate for other related Foundation projects. Current F'07 projects include

  • Rewriting the Heart Healthy Kids presentations
  • Rewriting the Nutrition presentation
  • Rewriting 5 nutrition brochures to update and reflect new Food Guide
  • Writing a Healthy Weights Awareness piece


Approximately $1050 per month plus up front compensation of $600 to develop content plan.

Timing: For September 2006-August 2007.  

Please forward your resume by September 1, 2006, to

People Resources
HR Consultant
2300 Yonge Street, 13th Floor
Toronto, ON  M4P 1E4
Fax: (416) 482-0948