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RFP--HSFO Healthy Weights E-Tool

Purpose of RFP

The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario (HSFO) is seeking a
consultant with expertise in consumer healthy living e-tools
(interactive health communications) to review the e-tool marketplace
and to assess options available to the HSFO.

HSFO plans to develop an e-tool to support our customers to achieve and
maintain a healthy weight, be physically activity, and eat healthy. The
assessment will be used to inform HSFO's approach to development of
this e-tool.

This is Stage I of a four phased project. The stages are

  • Stage I: Assessment and recommendations (November 2007)
  • Stage II: Project planning (January-February 2007)
  • Stage III:  Implementation (March 2007-October 2007)
  • Stage IV: ongoing data collection, evaluation and enhancement of the tool

It is expected that Stage I will outline the scope of implementing the
recommended option, and the capacity and skill set requirements
(internal and external). The successful consultant on this project will
be well positioned for the work in the latter stages of the project,
related to planning, implementing and evaluating the tool.

HSFO Healthy Weight AIM: The Foundation has recently made a decision to
invest heavily in the area of healthy weights in Ontario with a focus
on public awareness, advocacy and provincial/regional health
partnerships. The strategy of this Healthy Weights AIM (Area of Impact
on Mission) includes Community Engagement, Advocacy, Public Awareness,
and Research with a focus on two specific areas:

  • Physical activity in elementary (K-6) Schools
  • Access to healthy food for all

At a minimum, the development of a healthy weights e-tool will support
the Foundations efforts to build its profile and leadership in this
area, and will provide a valuable "offering" as we anticipate the
strategy will increase consumer needs and expectations of the
Foundation with regards to Healthy Weights information and tools.
Ideally, the HW e-tool would directly support specific aspects of the
HW AIM strategy, as it emerges.  At this time, public opinion
polling is being conducted to explore attitudes and beliefs about
overweight and obesity among Ontarians.  Results will be key in
determining the HSFO's approach.


HSFO requires a consultant with expertise in e-tools to assess the
e-tool marketplace and recommended options available to address HSFO

Project Deliverables

  • A. Review of e-tool options available to HSFO
  • B. Recommendation on the best option.

Total budget not to exceed $30,000 CDN, including applicable taxes.

For a full version of the RFP contact Facie Chiwanza, Admin Assistant,
Marketing & Health Information, at  Brief
written submissions should be submitted by Friday, September 22, 2006,
at 12:00 noon.

This RFP process is intended to assist HSFO in selecting a consultant
and by submitting a proposal each prospective consultant acknowledges
and agrees that HSFO has no liability or obligation to any prospective
consultant, except to a party as awarded by contract by the HSFO in its
sole discretion. HSFO is fully and forever released and discharged of
all liability and obligations in connection with the RFP. HSFO reserves
the right to cancel this RFP without any obligation or reimbursement to
prospective consultant.  Information provided by each consultant
will be held in confidence and will be used for the sole purpose of
evaluating a potential business relationship with the prospective