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Webcast on Women's Substance Use and Experience of Violence

This is an invitation to join a webcast sponsored by the BC Centre of Excellence for Women's Health (BCCEWH), and co-sponsored by the Canadian Women's Health Network (CWHN) and the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA). 
The webcast will be on the topic of the work being done by violence services in Canada to respond to the needs of women with both substance use problems and violence/trauma related issues.
In the webcast, the work done by 20 representatives working in violence and addictions related agencies, as well as in research and policy contexts, who participated in a virtual "community of practice" over a 4 month period from April through July 2006, will be summarized.

During this webcast, members of this community of practice will present a summary of:

  • the connections between women's experience of violence and substance use
  • understanding the service philosophies of the two fields, and the potential for harmonizing our approaches
  • info/tools to assist women and service providers in understanding substance use and addictions
  • discussing substance use with women who have experienced violence
  • models for integrated support from the UK, USA and Canada
  • implications for research, policy and practice

Those joining the webcast will also be introduced to the information
sheets on these issues. Links to the info sheets will be posted on the
websites of BCCEWH, CWHN and CCSA following the webcast, for easy

Date and Time:

The webcasts will last for 1 hr 15 min. Two options for
participating are:

1) Monday September 25th
9 am Pacific Daylight Time  
10 am Mountain DT  
11 am Central DT
noon Eastern DT  
1 pm Atlantic DT      
1:30 Newfoundland DT

2) Friday September 29th

8 am Pacific Daylight Time
9 am Mountain DT
10 am Central DT
11 am Eastern DT
noon Atlantic DT
12:30 Newfoundland DT

Who should 'attend':

Service providers, researchers and policy makers working in addictions,
violence against women and mental health fields. 100 participants can
register per webcast session.

Technical Requirements:

In a webcast, you are able to view a presentation on your computer
screen and hear the voices of the presenters through your computer
speakers. You are able to type in questions for the presenters to
respond to.  To join the webcast, you will need: a computer with a high
speed internet connection plus a sound card and speakers (or

To register:

If you would like to participate in a webcast, please email Nancy Poole
and Katja Clark at to indicate your interest by
September 11.  You must pre-register. Please don't hesitate to contact
us at this email if you have any questions or need more info, and feel
free to circulate this to anyone who might be interested.

[Source: PAR-L listserv]