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Canadian Creative Arts in Health, Training and Education September Journal Available

CCAHTE, The Canadian Creative Arts in Health, Training and Education eNews/journal announces the release of the free fall 2006 issue, "The Poetry of Practice".

CCAHTE contributors include leading Canadian educators across the country -- researchers, physicians, writers and poets offering important insights which demonstrate how the creative arts and arts approaches are shaping the new revolution changing the face of the modern educational landscape and opening up creative inroads into medical education in North America. In this fall issue we explore the creative arts in action and practice in medical educationand health.
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Creative Writing in Medical Practice/Poetry in  Education
Maureen Rappaport MD FCCFP
McGill University, Montreal
"One cannot watch death and suffering and not be touched but these feelings are hard to express, hard to articulate.....for those who can access it, poetry offers a language to express the inexpressible."
Arts and Humanities in Health and Medical Education
Pamela Brett-MacLean, PhD (c)
Verna Yiu, MD, FRCPC
University of Alberta, Edmonton

"Recognition of the value of art as an important component of healthcare is increasing.  Research also exists that supports the use of arts and humanities in medical education.... we are indeed looking forward to a creative exchange and
dialogue between arts, humanities and sciences that will foster an expanded vision that integrates the body, mind and health and wellness and goes beyond simply the treatment of disease."     
Moving From Fear to Security; Dance, Health, Palliative Care
"Carry Me Home "
Brenda Cantelo Ph.D. Department of Religion, University of Manitoba
with poetry by Manitoba poet Laurie Block
In this article exploring a film about dance, health and palliative care, we come full circle to witness new choreography in action in writings about approaches and research
in "Authentic Movement" and themes of story, place and reclamation (also features poetry by Manitoba poet  Laurie Block.).
"Artists on the Wards"  Program
Arts Programming Integral in Healthcare at University of Alberta Hospital
"Feedback from patients and their families as well as physicians and staff clearly indicates the involvement of the artists can reduce the perception of pain and alleviate boredom, loneliness and anxiety thereby reducing the use of pain medication, sedatives and anti-depressant medication and length of stay"
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