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Letter from the Editors--Health Promotion Awards

Canadian Health Promotion Awards

Ron Draper Award

The highest national award that an individual, group or organization
can receive in Canada in the field of health promotion is the "Ron
Draper Health Promotion Award" from the Canadian Public Health

Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) Honorary Awards Programs

Draper was at the forefront of progressive social policy development
for years. His vision, dedication and commitment to the first, second
and third health promotion conferences were major contributions to
moving health promotion forward nationally and globally. Shortly after
his death in 1998, CPHA instituted the award.

The Centre for
Health Promotion at University of Toronto was among the first
recipients of the award at the CPHA conference in 1999. At the 97th
annual CPHA conference in Vancouver May 31st 2006, the British Columbia
Minister of Health accepted the Ron Draper Health Promotion Award for
ActNow BC, their provincial health promotion initiative. ActNow BC is
an integrated, partnership-based, health promotion and chronic disease
prevention, unique because it has set government-wide goals and each
Ministry has a set target to achieve.

The Ron Draper Health
Promotion Award will be presented to an individual, group or
organization engaged in community work. The Awards Committee will
consider nominations on the basis of those who have made a significant
contribution to health promotion by working in the community to:

  • build healthy public policy,
  • create environments that support health,
  • enable community action,
  • enhance personal skills, and/or
  • re-orient health services.

should be documented following the guidelines provided at the CPHA
website and forwarded to the CPHA Honorary Awards and Recognition
Committee no later than April 15th of the award year.

Canadian Medical Association (CMA) Award for Excellence in Health Promotion

The CMA's Award for Excellence in Health Promotion was introduced in
2003. For consideration for this award, nominees must have contributed
to the improvement of health through health promotion actions,
initiatives or increased public awareness. Past winners of the award
include the Federation of Canadian Municipalities on behalf of those
municipalities that have enacted bylaws to ban indoor smoking in public
places, the Halifax Chamber of Commerce for their HealthAction
initiative in support of healthy workplaces and healthy communities and
The Blue Nose International Marathon in Halifax Nova Scotia.

medical profession recognizes that a healthy population can be achieved
and sustained only through the collaborative efforts of Canadians in
all walks of life. With the annual Award for Excellence in Health
Promotion, the Canadian Medical Association recognizes individuals and
organizations, from outside of the health sector, who have made a
significant contribution toward a healthy population and a healthy

Nominees are limited to:

  • Residents of Canada who are not health professionals or employed in the health sector
  • Organizations
    that operate outside of the health sector (for example: corporate
    entities in the business sector; agencies in the volunteer sector,
    community groups, government departments and agencies)

To qualify, nominees must:

  • Demonstrate a firm commitment to health promotion through specific actions and initiatives
  • Exemplify creativity and leadership in taking action to improve and promote health,  and
  • Bring about change that has the potential to result in positive, long-term improvement in the health of Canadians.

Nominations must be received on or before November 30. Forms can be downloaded from

On August 23, 2006 that MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Canada received the CMA Excellence in Health Promotion Award

outstanding efforts of MADD Canada can be translated directly into
lives saved," said Dr. Guido Van Rosendaal, Chair of the CMA Council on
Health Care and Promotion. "Their success is a testament to the power
of grassroots community action."

The National Quality Institute Healthy Workplace Awards

Canada Awards for Excellence are presented annually to private, public
and not-for-profit sector organizations that have displayed outstanding
performance in the areas of Quality and Healthy Workplace. Since 1984
the award has honoured over three hundred Canadian organizations for
outstanding achievements.

To receive the Canada Awards for
Excellence trophy organizations must have fully met the NQI Criteria
with documented overall achievements and results.

For organizations with more than 50 employees, the award is adjudicated against the Canadian Healthy Workplace Criteria.

organizations with less than 50 employees, the award is adjudicated
against the 10 Point Healthy Workplace Criteria for Small

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Provincial Health Promotion Awards

Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion - Heather Crowe Award for Tobacco Control

Heather Crowe Award is a new provincial award recognizing groups and
individuals who have made considerable contributions on a local level
toward educating people about the dangers of smoking. The award is
named for Heather Crowe, who developed lung cancer from second-hand
smoke during her years of work as a waitress, and died in May 2006. The
Heather Crowe Award is open to everyone - youth, adults, local
organizations and groups - who have demonstrated leadership in the area
of tobacco control.

In order to be considered for a Heather
Crowe Award the individual or group must reside within an Ontario
municipal constituency. The nominee must have shown demonstrable
leadership in tobacco control in the areas of youth prevention,
protection from second-hand smoke or smoking cessation.

Heather Crowe Award Nomination information package
5 pages | 44 KB | PDF format - Note 2006 deadline for nominations was May 31, 2006.

Mary Jane Ashley Award

 To recognize a lifetime achievement of outstanding and
substantive contribution to tobacco control successes in Ontario, over
a period of at least 10 years.

Criteria:    The individual's contribution to tobacco control should:
1.    be action oriented
2.    have contributed to significant gains
3.    achieved long-term impact
4.    affected several communities in Ontario (or Ontario-wide)
5.    engaged in interdisciplinary content, e.g. program/policy, policy/research, research/advocacy.  

note that this is not a financial award; the successful applicant will
receive a plaque recognizing his/her achievement. Politicians are not

Selection Process:   Nominators should email their nominations to Lorraine Fry, OTCC Program Chair, at
by Friday, October 13th 2006.  The nominator should submit an
outline of no more than 400 words clearly identifying how their nominee
meets the five criteria.  Be sure to include the name, title and
organization of the nominee along with their phone number and email

British Columbia Medical Association Excellence in Health Promotion Awards

This award recognizes individuals and organizations working to improve the health and safety of British Columbians.

It celebrates those who demonstrate leadership in health promotion.
aims to encourage more groups and individuals to undertake health
promotion activities by honouring current exceptional health promotion

Nominees must have

  • Demonstrated a concern for health and safety through specific actions and/or initiatives
  • Exemplified creativity and initiative in taking action to improve and protect health and safety
  • Brought about change(s) with the potential for positive, long-term improvement in protecting health and safety in BC

The deadline for nominations is in the first week of May each year.

One completed nomination form must accompany each entry.

There is no limit to the number of entries. There is no entry fee.

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Australian Health Promotion Awards programs

Victoria state / VicHealth  Health Promotion Awards

year, VicHealth presents awards to recognise and thank our partners who
have provided valuable support and made outstanding contributions to
health promotion in Victoria.

Nominations are now open for VicHealth's 2006 Awards

can be made on behalf of organisations receiving funding and/or those
working in partnership with other organisations on VicHealth

For nomination criteria, information on the process and an application form, go to:

Closing date: 5pm Friday 22 September 2006

Australian Capital Territory/ACT Health Promotion Awards

Public Health Association of Australia - Public Health Education & Research Trust
Health Promotion Evaluation Award

The Health Promotion Evaluation Award is an early career award to
provide promising new contributors to the field with  an
opportunity to present their work at the National Public Health
Association of Australia Conference. The spirit of this  award is
to encourage new researchers and practitioners to improve the practice
of health promotion though evaluation.  

The applicant must be:

  • An individual (not organisational) member of the PHAA; and
  • Have never before presented at a National Conference in Australia.

They should also be:

  • at an early career stage. No more than 5 years experience in
    health or within 3 years of a new career move into  health
  • a student or hold a relatively junior position at the beginning
    of a career in health promotion, evaluation and/or  research on
    public health interventions.

 The deadline for submission of an application was by close of
business on 30 June 2006, with the presentation at the  annual
national conference of PHAA "Tackling the Determinants of Health" 25
-27 September 2006.

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Awards for Organizations, Individuals, Volunteers, Students

Charity Village website

Awards for
Non-profit organizations:  
Individuals, volunteers:

Community Based Research Award Of Merit

Centre for Urban Health Initiatives and the Wellesley Central Health
Corporation, in partnership with University College at the University
of Toronto, did a call for nominations for a Community Based Research
(CBR) Award of Merit. The award recognized a Principal Investigator who
demonstrated exemplary academic participation in the field of community
based research, as defined by Minkler and Wallerstein (2004):

were invited from community, policy, or academic project partners who
are working (or who have worked) with the nominee on a recent CBR
project. Submission deadline was Friday, March 17, 2006.

The complete Call for Nominations for the 2006 award is available at:

For more information contact:

Galen Trull, Centre Coordinator, by e-mail at or by phone at 416-978-7223,

Canadian Dental Association's Oral Health Promotion Award

award recognizes individuals or organizations who have improved the
oral health of Canadians through oral health promotion. Oral health
promotion aims to increase the control of individuals and communities
over their oral health. It involves members of those communities and
adopts a number of complementary approaches. These include building
healthy public policy, creating supportive environments, strengthening
community action, developing personal skills, and increasing the
prevention of oral diseases and disorders.

All nominations and
supporting documents are reviewed by the CDA Nominating Committee. The
deadline in 2006 was January 20, 2006.

Nomination Form — Oral Health Promotion Award

Imagine Canada Awards Business and Community Partnership Awards

in 1996, the awards recognize and celebrate outstanding partnerships
between small or large businesses and charitable or nonprofit
organizations that are finding new and innovative ways to strengthen
and support Canadian communities. The judges look for exemplary
partnerships that demonstrate:

  • creative, sustainable solutions that meet a community need;
  • active involvement of both partners in the design and implementation of the project or program; and
  • a wide spectrum of resources brought by both partners.

three winning partnerships receive national media exposure and
community recognition. The deadline for submitting applications was
July 7th. For more information, visit:

March of Dimes Annual Awards

year, March of Dimes Canada and Ontario March of Dimes present their
annual awards program, which is designed to recognize and thank those
individuals, organizations and businesses that have made a significant
contribution to creating a society inclusive of people with
disabilities. Nominations were due by July 21, 2006 and winners will be
announced at the Annual General Meeting at the end of September. For
full details about the awards, eligibility criteria and nomination
forms go to .

B.C. "Ethics in Action" Awards

annual Ethics in Action™ Awards accept nominations from BC-based
businesses and business leaders who are building new corporate models,
and organizations and individuals who exemplify good corporate
citizenship by making corporate social responsibility (CSR) a key
aspect of their daily operations.

Businesses are nominated for awards in such categories as:

  • Community Care,
  • Environmental Excellence,
  • Overall Leadership, and
  • Individual Impact.

The deadline for completed applications was July 24th.

For more information, visit:

Ontario Tobacco Control Unit - Ashley Studentship

The Ontario Tobacco Control Unit has renamed its studentship awards to be the Ashley Studentship Awards.
The studentships build on the network of tobacco researchers in Ontario
and allow for research into tobacco control, covering a wide variety of
topic areas including interventions, policy, programs and health

The 2006-2007 Round 1 Studentship Schedule, Application Forms and Guidelines are now available. See

Centre for Health Promotion Studies, U. of Alberta Dawn Bucharski Graduate Awar

Dawn Bucharski Graduate Award of a $1,000 scholarship was created by
staff at the Centre for Health Promotion Studies along with friends and
family of Dawn Bucharski in order to recognize her significant
contribution and leadership in the area of health promotion. Despite an
ongoing battle with breast cancer, Dawn Bucharski graduated in June
2002 with an MSc in health promotion. She died six months later.

Centre is proud to announce that this year the Dawn Bucharski Graduate
Award has become fully endowed and will be awarded annually to a
student in Health Promotion Studies at the University of Alberta.

Centre for Health Promotion U of Toronto  - Healthy U of T Awards

1999 the Centre for Health Promotion has presented the annual Healthy U
of T Awards. Both the Individual Award and the Group Award were
established as a way of recognizing individuals, groups, department or
organization within the University of Toronto (student, staff or
faculty) that have made a healthy difference through a substantial and
lasting contribution to the health and well-being of campus life and/or
the broader community.

Nominations are requested in the Fall
of each year and the Awards are presented at the Centre's Annual
General Meeting in December.