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Community Development (CD) Renewal Facilitator, Toronto Neighbourhood Centres

A) Context

The TNC (Toronto Neighbourhood Centres) is an association of thirty
non-profit multi-service neighbourhood centres located in communities
across Toronto. TNC members are dedicated to strengthening local
neighbourhoods and enabling diverse communities to work together to
promote justice and a healthy life for all.

Over the next two years (September 2006-2008) the TNC's CD-Renewal
Initiative will popularize strategies for organizations to maintain "CD
practice in tough times", and reinforce the work of staff in
organizations who carry out processes of engagement and action that
enable groups to identify common challenges and work together to make
positive changes in their community (e.g., community organizing,
outreach, group work, advocacy, health promotion, action-planning,
education and mobilization).

B) Terms

The CD Renewal Facilitator will be paid on a fee-for-service basis to a
maximum of $40 per hour (before GST) for an average of 21 hours per
week. The initial contract will be for a 6-month start-up period, and
may be extended for a further 16-month period. The position will report
directly to the TNC Coordinator.

C) Deliverables

  • Generating CD Content and Supports for Local Cd Networks:
    generating tools, stories, promising practices, peer and external
    speaker lists, and other content to share and enhance the expertise of
    front-line staff engaged in community development work. This will
    include working with   staff groups in regions across Toronto
    to identify expertise-sharing strategies that are practical and can be
    implemented within the context of their intense work schedules and
  • "Building Movement" Event Organization (Fall 2007): Our local
    success stories and practices will be augmented by the expertise and
    perspective of the Building Movement Project, an American initiative
    that supports non-profit organizations to contribute to social change
    by integrating movement building strategies into their work (see  The TNC CD-Renewal Facilitator will be
    responsible for organizing a mid-project forum where staff from the
    Building Movement Project and local CD practitioners can begin to share
    their insight and strategies for furthering CD and social change.
  • CD-networking at City-wide/sectoral Level: The CD Renewal
    Facilitator will work with the TNC Coordinator to maintain ongoing
    liaison with key CD-Renewal stakeholders in Toronto for the purpose of
    generating project awareness and synergies with other community
    development initiatives in the City. These include networks of
    non-agency-based community development practitioners (e.g., faith
    communities, community groups, academic programs, neighbourhood
    councils); Foundations and the United Way; relevant local government
    departments; city-wide social planning, social justice, community
    organizing and community development-focused organizations.

C) Qualifications

The successful candidate will have demonstrated knowledge and/or experience in all of the following areas:

  • Design and implementation of practical and engaging adult learning
    processes that support busy practitioners to reflect, share and learn
  • Social justice movements, community development strategies and the role
    of non-profit community agencies in contributing to social justice
  • The current socio-political context in Toronto, including the dynamics
    underlying the racialization of poverty and growing inequities across
    and within our neighbourhoods.  
  • The impacts of amalgamation, downloading and other government policies
    with regard to community conditions and the community development
    capacity of non-profit organizations.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Exceptional organizational skills, basic familiarity with computer
    programs including e-mail and word processing, good English-language
    communication skills.

D) Applications and Deadline: 5:00 p.m., Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Please mail, courier or electronically submit by 5:00 p.m.,
Wednesday,  October 11, a current resume, along with a short
(maximum two-page) statement describing how you feel your skills and
experience would enable you to achieve the project deliverables to

TNC CD-Renewal Facilitator Application
c/o sipho kwaku
Director of Employment and Immigrant Services
WoodGreen Community Services
989 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, ON  M4J 1M1

We thank all applicants, but only those invited to an interview will be contacted.

For further information regarding the TNC CD-Renewal project please
contact the TNC Coordinator, Rob Howarth at e-mail