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News from the Alberta Centre for Active Living

Research Update

  • Alberta Centre for Active Living article:  "A Strategy for
    Increasing Physical Activity in Sedentary Populations," Kelly Arbour,
    MSc, and Kathleen Martin Gillis, PhD, McMaster University, Hamilton,
  • Saskatchewan Population Health Evaluation Research Unit (SPHERU)
    article: "Importance of Screening Pregnant Women for Depression,"
    Angela Bowen, PhD candidate, and Nazeem Muhajarine PhD (SPHERU,
    Community Health and Epidemiology, University of Saskatchewan), with
    the assistance of Fleur Macqueen Smith, MA (SPHERU, Community Health
    and Epidemiology, University of Saskatchewan)--Although postnatal
    depression has received a lot of research and media attent
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News from the Alberta Centre for Active Living

  • Jenny Burgess has joined the centre as our new Research
    Coordinator. Jenny recently completed her Master's degree at the
    University of Alberta, studying Health and Exercise Psychology. Before
    coming to U of A, she graduated from McMaster University in Hamilton,
    Ontario, with an Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology. Her research
    interests include promoting physical activity and helping people find
    ways to incorporate physical activity and an active lifestyle into
    daily living.   
  • The CSEP Health and Fitness Program of the Provincial Fitness
    Unit is hosting the 18th Biennial Perspectives in Exercise Health and
    Fitness Conference on November 2-5. The centre is a sponsor of this
    conference, and two of our staff members (Pauline Poon and Judy Newman)
    are attending it.

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