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Self-Help Resource Centre

The Self-Help Resource Centre is a registered charitable organization
and was established in 1987 to facilitate the growth and development of
self-help groups, networks and resources in the Greater Toronto area
and throughout the Province of Ontario. Our members help us achieve our
goals - join us today.

Mutually Ours Project

Mutually Ours is an ongoing project sponsored by the Self-Help Resource
Centre and funded by the United Way. The project is designed to train,
mentor and mobilize community leaders from two specific communities
within the Toronto area. These facilitators will in turn recruit and
train other community members. The newly trained groups will be able to
deal with specific community issues, applying their newly acquired

Empowering Stroke Prevention

This Self-Help Resource Centre project applies the self-help model to
stroke prevention in underserved and marginalized communities.
Participants design practical activities promoting healthy lifestyles,
using direct input from health agencies, community groups, and
representatives of the target populations themselves. These pages
provide background on the project, details on the stroke prevention
activities, and all the tools you need to implement a similar project
in your own community or group. Feel free to take advantage of this
site fully by clicking on the links below. For more information please
email us by clicking here.

Diversify the Source, Enhance the Force Project

DSEF was a SHRC project that offered

  • a respectful and supportive way to begin introducing newcomer
    volunteers into agencies that currently employ a majority of staff and
    volunteers from the dominant culture.
  • the potential to humanize human resource policy change by providing means for involving people from diverse backgrounds.
  • opportunities for organizations to grow through the development and thoughtful implementation of diversity policies.
  • an important piece of settlement in Ontario. -a way to welcome
    and incorporate newcomers while building individual, organizational,
    and community level capacities.

Readers wishing to further explore the examples
described OHPE 482, "Self-Help + Health Promotion: One Relationship at
a Time," are encouraged to visit the Self-Help Resource Centre's
website at for updates, both online and downloadable. In
addition to further information about the Stroke Prevention Project,
Mutually Ours and
the Diversify the Source, Enhance the Force project, a listing of
workshops and
materials in support self-help groups, professionals transitioning
groups, and health promoters interested in using self-help
methodologies are
also available. For those requiring further assistance, the Ontario
Network, a member of the Ontario Health Promotion Resource System, is
to provide free consultation, networking, training and resources. All
information is locatable on the same website.

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