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CAST Canada Addiction Training with Consumer Panel

9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
$125 +GST

Some Themes covered during the day:

  • "How do I ask?" Asking about difficult details such as suspected substance use, trauma or abuse.
  • "The Role of Relapse" Learn to handle this volatile but common event in a productive way.
  • "The Nature of Cravings"  Is your client ill? Anxious? Or just having a craving that will pass?
  • "Harm Reduction: The Consumer Perspective"  Guaranteed to be a lively discussion

This full-day workshop is a compilation of the learnings identified as
"Most Valuable" in the evaluations of CAST Canada Consumer Panel
trainings over the past several years. Each idea will be presented in
it's original format then expanded upon to ensure it really connects
with you personally in your unique work environment. This intense, fun,
interactive day includes a the popular Consumer Panel.

There will be a voluntary lunch discussion on the theme of workplace
stigma. Please let us know when  you register if you would like to

To ensure a quality event participation is limited to 30 people. 
For more information, contact Tom at or (905) 877-6547
or visit

[Canadian Harm Reduction Network,]