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Upcoming Events from The Wellesley Institute

This year The Wellesley Institute has designed and begun offering 17
one-day skill building workshops. They are designed for management
staff and board members of non-profit organizations, including
governments (public health too) and commissions. Priced at only $25
with lunch included, they are an incredible value to budget conscious
non-profit organizations.

Here is a list of upcoming Capacity Building Workshops Workshops that may interest you, your staff, or colleagues:

  • CAP 213 Performance Management Part 2: Conducting Performance Management Discussions, October 5
  • CAP 116 Introduction to Information Technology In the Non-Profit Workplace, October 20
  • CAP 114 Board Governance, November 2
  • CAP 207 Getting Your Message Out There: Using Media Effectively To Achieve Your Objectives, November 9
  • CAP 115 Introduction to Program Evaluation, November 14
  • CAP 106 Introduction to Financial Management, December 5

The Wellesley Institute also provides a full schedule of workshops
designed to transfer community based research skills to staff in the
non profit sector:

  • CBR 302 A Hands-on Approach to Qualitative Methods & Analysis, October 3
  • CBR220 An Introduction to N6 Qualitative Data Management Software, October 10
  • CBR 106 How to Develop Effective Client Satisfaction Tools, October 11
  • CBR 301 Using Community Based Research to Affect Public Policy, October 17
  • CBR 202 Theories In Health Promotion, October 24
  • CBR221 Introduction To Survey Data Analysis, November 7

All events run 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  For detailed descriptions
and more information on the work of the Wellesley Institute visit our
website at