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RFP--Contract Writer, Nutrition Guide for People Living with HIV, CATIE


The Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) is committed
to improving the health and quality of life of all people living with
HIV/AIDS (PHAs) in Canada.  CATIE serves people living with
HIV/AIDS, and the people and organizations that support them, by
providing accessible, accurate, unbiased and timely treatment
information and by working in partnership with other HIV/AIDS
information providers to ensure that people have access to the
information they need, in the form they desire, to make informed health
care choices.

CATIE is seeking a contractor to research and write an new edition of
our Practical Guide to Nutrition. The successful candidate will be
responsible for all tasks related to researching and creating the
content for a new edition. For more information about the guide, please
see the electronic version published at

Project Description

The Practical Guide to Nutrition  is a national, bilingual guide
published by CATIE as part of our series of practical guides for people
with HIV/AIDS.  With its easy-to-read style and patient-centred
content, The Practical Guide to Nutrition provides people with HIV, and
those that care for them, with practical information on the impact of
nutrition on HIV infection. Reader feedback to the practical guide
series has been overwhelmingly positive.

In order to continue to provide this important publication to
Canadians, CATIE is seeking a writer to produce content that is
accurate, accessible, and speaks to CATIE's diverse audiences. Working
closely with CATIE staff and a national advisory committee, the
successful candidate will be responsible for researching and writing
the manuscript of the guide. The candidate will develop content based
on the editorial outline and guidance from experts, integrate revisions
from an external expert review committee and CATIE's editorial team,
and suggest illustrations or graphic elements to accompany the text.
The candidate will also be available to incorporate content changes
during the later stages of production.

The successful candidate will provide CATIE with text and image
suggestions in Word document format. CATIE's mandate is to provide
freely available information that can be reprinted and disseminated by
organizations around the world. In order to ensure this accessibility,
upon successful completion of the project, CATIE will retain full
copyright and ownership of the content, including all text and image
suggestions, and all related electronic files.  


This RFP is for a limited-term contract.  The project will start
in the fall of 2006.  The guide is scheduled for publication in
2007.  Some flexibility with timelines is required.


  • at least 3 years experience researching and writing patient-centred material, preferably involving nutrition and/or HIV/AIDS
  • ability to work in a consultative manner with an expert review committee and an editorial team
  • demonstrated ability to meet deadlines, problem solve and work independently
  • demonstrated ability to produce content that speaks to diverse audiences


Applicants for this project should submit a proposal which includes

  • firm/individual name and contact information
  • brief description of relevant qualifications and experience
  • resume(s) of the individual(s) who will be undertaking the work
  • outline of how you would approach the project, including project plan and budget
  • samples of related work completed by applicant
  • name and contact information for references

Please submit proposals by Friday, October 20, to

David McLay
Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange
555 Richmond Street West
Suite 505. Box 1104
Toronto, ON  M5V 3B1
Tel: (416) 203-7122 x232   
Fax: (416)-203-8284

Terms and Conditions

CATIE will negotiate a detailed work plan, schedule and total cost for the project with the successful candidate.

The successful candidate will be required to sign an agreement
committing to the deliverables and timeframe for this project, as well
as agreement to CATIE's ownership of final content.

CATIE reserves the right not to award a contract for this project and
the right to only award a contract for partial elements of the project.

Further Information

For further information, please contact David McLay.