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Award for Innovation

As part of their National Initiative Program, Eva's Initiatives has
launched the second season of the Award for Innovation with generous
support from CIBC. The purpose of the award is to recognize the
incredible work being done by organizations across Canada in assisting
homeless youth.

Based on experience developing and managing Eva's Phoenix, the staff
and Board at Eva's Initiatives know that awards and citations draw
attention to innovative programs and can assist greatly in building
partnerships and securing funding. Each community has different needs
and different approaches to meeting those needs, but one common fact
remains: virtually all communities across Canada, large and small, are
struggling to provide effective support to help homeless youth become
self-sufficient.  The Award for Innovation will be granted to
three organizations that

  • Demonstrate innovation in delivering services to homeless youth;
  • Successfully use partnerships to develop, implement or operate services;
  • Deliver services that help youth who are homeless or at risk of
    becoming homeless to achieve greater self-sufficiency and reduce their
    chances of experiencing homelessness in the future; and
  • Offer services that integrate two or more of the following:
    housing, education, vocational training, employment, health and
    addictions supports, life skills, or other interventions aimed at
    assisting homeless and at-risk youth to become self-sufficient.

Deadline for applications: November 1, 2006

Applications are now available online at For more information or to receive an application by email, contact

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