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Nominations for the Mary Jane Ashley Award

Recognize outstanding contributions to tobacco control successes in
Ontario!  Nominate someone for the Mary Jane Ashley Award!

Purpose: To recognize a lifetime achievement of outstanding and
substantive contribution to tobacco control successes in Ontario, over
a period of at least 10 years

Criteria: The individual's contribution to tobacco control should

  1. be action oriented;
  2. have contributed to significant gains;
  3. have achieved long-term impact;
  4. have affected several communities in Ontario (or Ontario-wide); and
  5. be engaged in interdisciplinary content, e.g. program/policy, policy/research, research/advocacy.

Please note that this is not a financial award; the successful
applicant will receive a plaque recognizing his/her achievement.
Politicians are not eligible.

Selection Process: Nominators should email their nominations to
Lorraine Fry, OTCC Program Chair, at,  by
Friday, October 13.  The nominator should submit an outline of no
more than 400 words clearly identifying how their nominee meets the
five criteria.  Be sure to include the name, title and
organization of the nominee along with their phone number and email