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Mental Health in the Workplace--The Issues

8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
The Living Arts Centre, Bank of Montreal Room, 4141 Living Arts Drive

A CPRF team of experts has established a framework for the next When
Something's Wrong handbook for the workplace. We invite you to attend a
morning session to learn more about CPRF, hear leading speakers talk on
mental health issues in our workplaces today, and to network with
others concerned with the issues. The second portion of the morning
will involve active participation in a workshop designed to gather your
input to help make the handbook and subsequent training program
relevant and useful, so that it ultimately assists you in dealing with
this very complex issue.

Prior to the session, each registrant will receive a package of
information, including a complimentary copy of CPRF's When Something's
Wrong - Ideas for Families handbook.

Space is limited, so please respond with your interest by email, to

Krista Saleh
Workplace Project Director,
Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation

A Registration Form will then be sent to you.