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Call for Papers--Setting an Ethical Agenda for Health Promotion

September 18-20, 2007, Ghent, Belgium

The promotion of health, both as a methodology and as a policy, has
always been partly an ethical project. The past few decades the policy
makers' attention has not only been attracted by data regarding
morbidity and mortality but just as much by health inequalities.
Therefore, reducing health disparities and assuring people the right to
the highest attainable standard of health is nowadays considered as an
absolute priority by local, national and supranational
institutions.  Despite these ethical motivations the domain of
health promotion practice is littered with ethical pitfalls: victim
blaming, paternalism, healthism, imposing a conception of "the good
life," coercion, the use of marketing strategies, lack of consent, etc.

This conference intends to bring together scholars from both the fields
of ethics and health promotion in order to identify and to examine the
ethical issues that are at stake within the context of health promotion.

Confirmed keynotes: Norman Daniels (Harvard), David McQueen (CDC &
IUPHE), Nancy Kass (Johns Hopkins), Angus Dawson (Keele), Marcel
Verweij (Utrecht)

Deadline for abstract submission: March 1, 2007

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