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New Report--Health Technology, Governance and Patient Safety: An Overview and Synthesis of the Literature

The Applied Research and Analysis Directorate is pleased to announce
the release of this research project, led by Dr. Ellen Balka of Simon
Fraser University.

The objective of this research was to identify promising governance and
policy instruments that could reduce the incidence of
technology-related adverse events that compromise patient safety. The
research team identified emergent policy issues related to health
technology, with a specific focus on medical devices, and patient
safety through an international review.

This report outlined extensive recommendations based on a wide breadth
of international comparisons, primarily concerning the monitoring,
measuring and tracking of adverse events. The results of the research
support the development of a national system that would capture data
about devices and events and address issues related to re-using single
use devices, while encouraging increased communication through all
levels of the medical community to foster learning from adverse
events.  The development of a system of performance standards for
medical devices, such as the one currently implemented in the United
Kingdom, was also recommended for Canada.

Here is the link to the summary