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Social Insurance for Health Care: Economic, Legal and Political Considerations

Munk Centre for International Studies

School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Toronto Inaugural Conference

This conference will bring together experts in health care financing
from around the world to explore how governments can ensure equal
access, quality and efficiency in their health care systems.  

With health care costs demanding a growing share of public budgets,
participants will investigate alternative funding systems and consider
the benefits and liabilities of greater direct public participation in
health care funding. Spanning economics, law and political sciences,
the discussion will weigh the appropriate balance between general
taxation and social insurance to support sustainable funding for health
care systems - or indeed if a balance is feasible. Canadian governments
are challenged daily by the costs of maintaining, let alone improving,
our health care systems. Ongoing issues include the prospects for
providing coverage for a comprehensive range of services, including for
example more equitable coverage for prescription drugs. While the
conference has its genesis in Canadian concerns, the scope of
discussion is international as we learn from experiences in other
jurisdictions.  This conference is an important step in establishing strong linkages
between researchers and policy makers nationally and internationally.

To register please RSVP by November 1, 2006, indicating your attendance
at the Health Care Financing Conference to  We will confirm receipt of your
request and hold a place for you.

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