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Two Custom Search Engines for Health Promotion and Prevention

Overwhelmed by getting way too much when searching?
The people who bring web searching to more desktops than any other now
have a solution. Google custom search engines enable anyone with a
Google account to create their own "slice of the web" search
engine.  To demonstrate,  ITScooperative  developed two
custom search engines in areas where we have some experience.

First, we created a custom search engine for Health Promotion
information sources. Using a current list compiled from our own
experience of the past twenty years in health promotion, current
consultations, and others, we quickly created  this 
customized search engine.  Next, we created another custom search
engine focusing on Chronic Disease Prevention programs in Ontario. This
one searches through more than 1500 web sources. Try them out:

For more information on custom search engines and the background to the
creation of the above links, please visit the