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Sustaining Community-Based Initiatives

There are four extensive resources offered in this series located at

  • Module One: Developing Community Capacity is designed to improve the
    community's capacity for positive change by promoting citizen
    participation, action and leadership.
  • Module Two: Communicating with Policy Makers is designed to enable
    community-based organizations to develop the skills and strategies
    which allow community-based voices to create and influence public
  • Module Three: Community and Economic Development¬† is designed to
    enhance the achievements of community-based organizations by
    introducing techniques which target the use of key economic principles.
  • Module Four: Community Informatics is designed to enhance the capacity
    of community-based project directors to use information in decision-
    making and communicating the value of their programs.

The goal of the four modules is to offer participants a variety of
tools and strategies that will support efforts to improve health and
quality of life in their communities.