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Harm Reduction Coming of Age

The 18th International Conference on the Reduction of Drug Related Harm

This annual conference is a key forum for the dissemination of harm
reduction ideas and practice, attended by over 1,300 people from over
60 countries. It brings together frontline workers, researchers, policy
makers, members of governments, officials from law enforcement, the
judiciary, criminal justice workers, UN officials, members of national
and international NGO's, and members of drug user organisations.

The conference in Warsaw provides a one-off opportunity to recognise
achievements and look to the future. This will increase the profile of
this conference, and a number of events to celebrate this Coming of Age
"birthday" are planned.
This is the official conference of the International Harm Reduction
Association. It is the main meeting point for all those interested in
harm reduction.  A scholarship programme brings many people from
developing and transitional counties and the organisers of each event
go to great lengths to ensure the participation of affected populations
and communities.
The conference comprises a wide range of events including plenary
sessions, major sessions, symposia, workshops, training events, a film
festival, poster exhibitions, exhibition area, satellite sessions, and
an events area. It has high profile opening and closing ceremonies, an
annual awards event, and a conference party.

To find out more about this conference please visit the conference website at

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