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Challenging the HIV/AIDS Paradigm: Perspectives from the Global North and Global South

2:30-4:30 p.m.
York Lanes 305, York University

The Colloquium on the Global South announces a panel and discussion.

  • Chair & Organizer: Penny Van Esterik (Anthropology)
  • Panelists: Rebecca Rogerson (Interdisciplinary Studies), Eric
    Mykhalovskiy (Sociology), Tamara Daly (School of Health Policy and
    Management, on behalf of co-researchers Julie Maggi and Mark Halman,
    St. Mi-chael's Hospital), Penny Van Esterik (Anthropology)

The International AIDS Conference in Toronto (August 2006) brought
together specialists with a diversity of positions on HIV/AIDS. That
event, and an earlier conference on Gender, Child Survival and
HIV/AIDS: From Evidence to Policy at York University (May 2006),
underscored the differences in the way the disease is perceived and
addressed in the Global North and the Global South. In this panel,
researchers currently working on HIV/AIDS from different disciplinary
perspectives share results from ongoing projects. Presentations raise
questions about connections and disconnections between the Global North
and the Global South in approaches to prevention, treatment, and
policy. How does the existence of HIV/AIDS intersect with broader
questions about gender, poverty, and power, and with research agendas
in health policy, international development, and economic change?

Free and no registration required. All are welcome to attend!  For
more information, on the University Consortium on the Global South
(UCGS), visit