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Knowledge Broker, Seniors Health Research Transfer Network

About this position

The Seniors Health Research Transfer Network (SHRTN) is currently
seeking to recruit two or more Knowledge Brokers to work with the
members of our existing and emerging Communities of Practice. These
contract positions are full or part-time for six months (with potential
for extension beyond this period, pending funding approval).

SHRTN Knowledge Brokers can be located anywhere in Ontario, but if
located outside of the Ottawa the successful candidate must have access
to a telephone line, computer equipped with high speed internet and
office space.

SHRTN Knowledge Brokers will report to the SHRTN Program Manager and
work as a member of the SHRTN Knowledge Broker team and will work
closely with the CoP leaders, members, the SHRTN Information
Specialists and the SHRTN Champions. Each SHRTN Knowledge Broker will
be assigned to support one or more SHRTN Community of Practice (CoP)
and will be responsible for

1. Networking and Communication

  • Identify or create, maintain and enhance communication channels within and between interprofessional groups within the community
  • Identify
    or create, maintain and enhance communication channels between this
    community ofpractice and wider seniors health community
  • Identify or create, maintain and enhance communication channels between this community ofpractice and other CoPs

2. Promotion

  • Promote CoP to key stakeholders (formal and informal caregivers, researchers and policy makers) throughout Ontario

3. Management of ehealthOntario Web-based tools for CoP use

  • Train or support members in use of web-based tools including
    PlumTree collaboration tools and Breeze e-meeting, e-learning software

4. Identification of Evidence

  • Work with CoP membership to identify research and resource needs
  • Liaise with the SHRTN Information Specialists to scan or find
    sources for new research and resources that meet the needs of the CoP

5. Facilitation

  • Plan and facilitate meetings and other CoP events- using
    different formats and technologies, including face-to-face,
    teleconference calls, video-conferencing and e-meetings using Breeze

6. Evaluation

  • Work with the SHRTN evaluators, the CoP leaders and the SHRTN office to establish and implement evaluation plans

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

In collaboration with the SHRTN Office, the CoP leaders, and the SHRTN
Library team, the SHRTN Knowledge Broker will implement initiatives and
activities that will meet the directions provided by the SHRTN
Implementation Team. For example

  • Develop and implement evidence-based strategies, work plans and budgets.
  • Build relationships with key stakeholder audiences.
  • Develop networks among the members of the community of practice and enhance receptor capacity with stakeholders.
  • Act as a knowledge broker among the members of the CoP.
  • Perform information services management functions for resources accumulated for the CoP.
  • Monitor feedback from target audiences that is relevant to the SHRTN agenda.
  • Knowledge transfer and exchange strategies should identify:
  • Target audiences in the community of interest: change champions,
    opinion leaders, clinicians, service provider organizations, the
    research community, regulatory bodies, policy makers and professional
    associations representing care of seniors in the long-term care setting
    and in the community.
  • Key messages from research evidence relevant to the audience.
  • Appropriate mechanisms for interaction.
  • Materials/tools/mechanisms to be developed to support the strategy.

Education & Experience

A SHRTN Knowledge Broker will have education and experience including:

  • A demonstrated ability to work with competing interests and
    understand the needs of the various stakeholder groups within SHRTN,
    and an understanding of the environments in which they work:
    • Caregivers
    • Researchers
    • Policy makers
  • Sound understanding of the types of knowledge SHRTN promotes:
    • Knowledge based on research evidence
    • Knowledge based on experience
    • Knowledge based on statistics that measure health outcomes, health care performance and other determinants of health
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and an ability
    to translate and transform technical information into user friendly,
    plain language formats specifically targeted to variousaudiences
  • A demonstrated understanding of health research and literature,
    and knowledge transfer,knowledge exchange and knowledge brokering
  • Experience and skills accessing and critically appraising literature.
  • Excellent facilitation and presentation skills and experience
  • Excellent fluency and experience working with web-based content management and collaborationsoftware tools.
  • Familiarity with subject matter related to SHRTN CoP topics is desirable.
  • An understanding of web based information sharing tools and
    concepts, the Knowledge Broker will be knowledgeable about information
    technology, systems, journal and literature databases and management
  • Experience with, and an understanding of evaluation tools and techniques.
  • A
    degree in a health, adult education, information sciences or
    administrative discipline or equivalent experience - preferably at the
    Masters level.

Application Process

Please visit or send an email to for more information about this position or SHRTN.

If you are interested in being considered for this contract, please
send your CV and covering letter by Thursday, November 9, 2006, to

Deirdre Luesby, SHRTN Program Manager
Elisabeth Bruyère Research Institute
43 Bruyère Street
Ottawa,  ON K1N 5C8
Tel: (613) 562-4262 x1654