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Youth and Alcohol, Messages and Media (YAMM) Campaign Launch

Health Canada has funded a two-staged provincial campaign to reduce
problematic alcohol use among Ontario's English and French-speaking
youth, ages 15-18, by increasing knowledge of effective strategies to
reduce risk and increase safety among youth, parents, and health
professionals. It is set to run from October 2004 to March 2007.

This exciting initiative is quickly coming to fruition and was launched
on November 1, 2006. The campaign will utilize a variety of media
including TV and radio ads; digital marketing; a comprehensive,
interactive website; and peer-to-peer programming, along with
promotional materials including posters, t-shirts, brochures.  We
believe this campaign is a perfect supplement or stand alone initiative
to the exciting substance abuse prevention work going on throughout the

After the launch, there will be sub-launches in various communities
across Ontario including Niagara Region, Ottawa, Parry Sound, Sault
Ste. Marie, Thunder Bay, and York Region. Also,  the Alcohol
Policy Network will host a teleconference on November 9. All community
health professionals are encouraged to register for this teleconference
to learn of the history of the campaign and ideas for implementation
into your community.

To follow will be train-the-trainer events occurring in Ontario
communities from November to January. Stay tuned to the APOLNET
Listserv,, or check in at!