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Centres of Excellence in Women’s Health Research Bulletin Fall 2006

This summer, more than 25,000 people from around the world gathered in
Toronto to share new knowledge, experiences, and good practices in the
worldwide battle against HIV/AIDS. Despite a wealth of research on the
role of gender in the pandemic, despite inspiring advocacy work by and
for women living with HIV/AIDS, the needs of women and girls and gender
considerations continue to be stunningly underrepresented in research,
advocacy, and political agendas.

This issue of the Research Bulletin aims to redress this lack of
attention to issues of gender and HIV. Beginning with a backgrounder on
the ways in which sex and gender function to make women and girls
susceptible to HIV, this issue offers the reader material to both
better understand the epidemic and to begin to think through our
responses to it.


  • An Invisible Epidemic: The Implications of Gender Neutrality for Managing HIV/AIDS in Low-Incidence Countries
  • Telling a New Story about Risk: Gender, Breastfeeding, and Broadening the Questions on Child Survival
  • Sexual Violence and Dislocation in Women's Acquisition of HIV in Manitoba
  • Annotated Bibliography of Aboriginal Women's Health and Healing Research-- 2nd Edition
  • From Recognition to Action: Gender-based Analysis and  Mainstreaming in HIV/AIDS
  • Making Space for Young Heterosexual Males: Gender and HIV/AIDS Prevention Education
  • Give It to Me Now: Sexual Health Information and Services for Older Youth in British Columbia
  • Gender Matters: Understanding the Emotional and Social Support Needs of Women with HIV/AIDS
  • Gender and the Costs of Palliative Caregiving for People with HIV/AIDS
  • Viruses of Inequality: Women's Health and Human Rights

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