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A Strength-Based Approach to Assessing and Building Resiliency in High Risk Youth and Their Families

10:00-11:00 a.m. (EST)

SMARTRISK Learning Series

Dr. Wayne Hammond, Vice President & Executive Director,  Resiliency Canada

The session will provide participants with an overview of the theory
and meaning of resiliency as well as a better understanding of its
implications for nurturing the development of healthier lifestyles in
children and youth.  Research clearly indicates that children and
families in high-risk communities can not only be resilient, but thrive
in the face of adversity and the labels placed upon them.  The
session will invite the participants to view high-risk children and
their families as having potential as opposed to just being at
risk.  This fundamental shift means working with rather than
fixing, pointing to health rather than dysfunction, turning away from
limiting labels and diagnosis to wholeness and well being.

The SMARTRISK Learning Series is a teleconference-based educational
program designed for Canadian injury prevention practitioners.

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