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Partnerships for Health System Improvement Competition

The purpose of this initiative is to support teams of researchers and
decision-makers interested in conducting applied health research useful
to health system managers and/or policy makers. Successful teams will
conduct health services, health systems and policy research (including
public health) projects of up to three years in length, in high
priority thematic areas.

CIHR and a variety of partners, such as provincial health research
organizations, provincial governments and the Canadian Health Services
Research Foundation, support the PHSI initiative. This year, two new
partners will support the program: the CIHR-Institute of Infection and
Immunity Pandemic Preparedness Research Initiative  and the joint
CIHR-Institute of Population and Public Health and Public Health Agency
of Canada-Office of Public Health Practice Initiative. This years
competition also includes a CV module designed specifically for
decision maker applicants, based on community feedback on the previous

For more information on this funding opportunity, please visit

The deadline for Letters of Intent is December 4, 2006. The deadline for full applications is April 2, 2007.