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Call for Proposals--29th Annual Guelph Sexuality Conference

Share your expertise, knowledge and experience at the 29 th Annual
Guelph Sexuality conference. We are looking for a wide variety of
workshops which relate to how human rights issues impact our sexual
health and wellness. What are the threats to human/sexual rights that
we need to grapple with? Some of these issues are global. Others exact
no less a personal toll, but apply locally. Do issues of human/sexual
rights impact on your workplace, your clients, and your service field?
How are you dealing with those issues? What cultural, location,
religious factors come into play? Do you have some data, some
experiences, some programming that others can learn from? Share your
insights and experiences. We look forward to your proposal.

Potential Themes & Topics--Sexuality and the Law/Human Rights
Advocacy, Gender identity, equity, age of consent, access,
discrimination, the phobias, violence, the Internet, evaluation,
education, youth, seniors, moral panic, racism, diversity, adoption,
the street, curriculum, support groups, policy, minorities, conflict,
diverse families, religion, legislation, sexual rights, professional
standards, sex work, rural/urban, harassment, culture 

Please note proposals on topics other than human rights and sexual
health will also be considered.  Successful presenters will be
contacted by January 15, 2007.  For more information, visit

[Source: PAR-L,]