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News from Voices for Children

This year's National Child Day celebrates Article 12 of the UN
Convention on the Rights of the Child. It states that all children have
a right to express themselves in all matters affecting them. Surely, in
a progressive nation such as Canada, our children are realizing that
right loudly and clearly? Maybe not, especially if you're a young
Ontarian living on the margins of society, like many "youth in care,"
First Nations, immigrant, impoverished or disabled children. In two
separate reports, we look at where these voices are being heard--and
where they're silent. In an opinion piece published in today's Toronto
Star, we ask why Ontario doesn't have an independent child advocate.
And a student journalist talks to young people at a youth-led
conference to find out how they're using their voices. Read the reports
online: Ontario's most vulnerable children have the right to be heard (, Pump up the volume on young people's right to be heard (

Current Activities

The Seventh Generation Project is a constantly evolving Voices for
Children initiative with the Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN) Decade Youth
Council in Northwestern Ontario. Find out how the NAN Decade Council is
working to develop solutions, build resilience and awareness of the
suicide epidemic in their communities (