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Call for Abstracts-- Addiction Ontario’s 2007 Annual Addictions Conference

Stage West Hotel, Mississauga, Ontario
June 11-13, 2007

Step into the spotlight & receive the fame you deserve!

Submit a workshop abstract with a behind the scenes look into the
addictions field or a field affecting addictions e.g. law enforcement
and social work. Workshops should attract diverse, province-wide
audiences ranging from frontline workers to management.

Hot topics include, but are not limited to, best practices, concurrent
disorders, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder, innovative
programs, holistic approaches, workplace wellness, prevention, women's
issues, problem gambling, family issues,  leadership vs.
management, health system and community integration,
stakeholder/consumer relationship management, placement/student
mentoring, pharmacology of addiction and community withdrawal

For the technical details please visit to download the PDF file (Listed under Addiction Ontario News on the main page).