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SURE-Fire Meetings: A Workshop on Designing and Facilitating Effective Meetings

Meetings are essential to the work of any organization, but too often
people describe the meetings they attend as "boring," "unproductive" or
even "a waste of time." Global Learning Partners
( would like to offer a better way...

SURE-Fire Meetings is a two-day, hands-on workshop on how to prepare,
facilitate and follow-up on meetings. The course will demonstrate how
you can make more effective, consensus-based decisions that everyone
will understand and support. You will practice setting clear
Achievement Statements that specify the level of group decision making
required, and select the appropriate, participatory facilitation
techniques to help the group do its best thinking and make the most
productive use of their time together.

To register for the Toronto course, please visit

For a printable flyer, please see (link opens PDF file).