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Global Health Conference: Innovation, Advancement, and Best Practices to Achieve Global Goals

Stanford University School of Medicine

Unite For Sight Fourth Annual International Health Conference

Who should attend?  Anyone interested in eye care, international
health, medicine, health education, health promotion, public health,
international service, social entrepreneurship, nonprofits, or

Conference Goal: To exchange ideas across disciplines about best
practices in public health, medicine and research, and international
health and development. 

Conference topics range from "The Right to Health: Towards Social
Inclusion and Universal Health Care in Latin America" and
"Antiretroviral Drugs and Issues of Drug Access and Quality in the
Developing World" to "Global Progress in Preventing the Burden of
Blindness and Other Diseases Caused by Measles and Rubella" and "Once I
Was Blind....The Challenges of Eye Care in Ghana"

Hundreds of conference sessions for anyone interested in Global Health,
International Development, Millennium Development Goals, Public Health,
Overseas Volunteering, Health and Human Rights, Refugee Health,
HIV/AIDS, Infectious Disease, Microfinance and Social Entrepreneurship,
Health in Africa, Health in Asia, Health in Latin America, Global Eye
Care and Vision 2020, Glaucoma Symposium

Complete conference schedule with 300 speakers: