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News from the Alberta Centre for Active Living

Happy holidays from the Alberta Centre for Active Living
( Here's some healthy holiday reading for you!

December 2006 Research Update (

  • Centre article: Walking 10,000 Steps/Day: Are There Benefits?--Jenny Burgess (the Alberta Centre for Active Living's Research
    Coordinator) responds to recent controversy about the benefits of
    walking 10,000 steps a day by taking a look at whether the evidence
    supports this type of walking program.
  • Dietitians of Canada article: The Role of Food Supplements in
    Preventing Chronic Disease--Milly Ryan-Harshman evaluates the role of
    various food supplements (e.g., folic acid, vitamins B12 and D,
    calcium, and selenium) in preventing certain types of chronic disease.

December 2006 WellSpring: Shall We Dance? A Way to Get People Active

  • Feature article: A Dance a Day Keeps the Doctor Away Anne
    Flynn--(Professor, Program of Dance, University of Calgary) discusses
    the many physical and mental benefits of dance, including using dance
    as a way to motivate people to keep active.
  • Commentary: Fancy Footwork: Dancing Your Way to Health--Anna
    Mouat (Associate Professor, Program of Dance, University of Calgary)
    discusses a 2005 study from the McGill University that found that older
    adults benefited physically and mentally from learning to dance the
    Argentine tango.

New CHN article on children's physical activity

  • The Alberta Centre for Active Living, which manages the Active
    Living section on the Canadian Health Network (CHN), is pleased to
    present the feature article on CHN: More than just child's play