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Workshop: Understanding Adolescent Sexuality and Teaching Sex Ed

9:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.
Travelodge Ottawa Hotel & Conference Centre

Presented by Sexpressions--Sexuality Education for Youth Across Canada,, and the Society of Obstetricians &
Gynecologists of Canada,

Workshop is offered in French and English.  Breakfast, lunch, snacks and workshop materials will be provided.

Many teachers are required to teach sexuality education in one capacity
or another. Trends in sexuality change over the years and adults can
often be left at a loss for understanding the needs of their students.
This intensive workshop will explore new trends in sexuality and
provide teachers with accurate information on some of the risks
involved in adolescent sexuality as well as allow teachers to become
more familiar with these issues and more comfortable presenting sex
education materials to their students Participants will be given
practical tools to teach this subject to grade levels 7-11, although
discussion and exercises may be modified for elementary levels as well.

Topics include Anatomy, Understanding adolescent sexual behaviors, Why
teens have sex, Predictors of adolescent sexual activity, Current
trends with teens, Sexual Myths, STI Information & Update, Birth
control and condom information, How to answer difficult questions,
Values awareness, and Tools for teaching.

To request more information or to reserve your space please contact
Catherine at (514) 793-2558 or by email at