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HPRP Report--Using Scenarios to Explore Disclosure Needs about Potential Health Hazards

The Applied Research and Analysis Directorate is pleased to announce
the release of this research project, led by Dr. John Eyles of McMaster
University. The objective of this research was to explore Canadians'
views on potential health hazards and their related information needs.
The team used focus groups to investigate several topics such as how
people define risk, the information sources that they used to
understand or assess these risks and their concerns over how the health
system manages these risks. Responses were prompted using three
scenarios that focussed upon: West Nile virus, blood transfusion
diseases and COX-2 inhibitor drugs.

The results of this research will assist policymakers in effectively
communicating risk to Canadians so that they may make informed and
objective choices about their personal health risk management. 
The full report may be accessed in the following ways:

  • A print version of the full report may be borrowed in the language of submission from the Health Canada Library
  • An electronic version of the report in the language of submission
    is available upon request from Health Canada by emailing

This research was funded by ARAD's Health Policy Research Program
(HPRP). The details of the HPRP, its processes, procedures and funding
can be found at