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Integrating Research, Policy, and Promising Practice Around the World: A Catalyst for Change

Victoria Conference Centre

The 3rd International Conference on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

FASD is a window through which to view the state of our world.  While it has a profound impact on individuals, families and all aspects of society, it is also a stimulus for change. This international conference will provide a forum to discuss and examine current research, policy and practice that will assist parents, caregivers, service systems and governments as they strive to prevent FASD and to provide a range of supports for people living with it. The conference will enhance our knowledge and collaboration, sharing findings of researchers and frontline professionals with recognized expertise and from diverse cultures. Individuals living with FASD, their parents, families, professionals, communities and policy makers will be present and will speak throughout the conference.

For further information, or a downloadable flyer, please visit our website at http:://, call (604)822-7524 or e-mail [email protected].