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Public Health and An Effective Ontarians With Disabilities Act


A. The need to promote disability within public health
B. Why we need an Ontarians With Disabilities Act
C. Developing an Ontarians With Disabilities Act
D. What can public health do to support the development of an effective ODA?
E. More information about developing an effective ODA
F. References

By Ivan Brown

Indie: The Integrated Network of Disability Information & Education.


 You can search through a huge database of linked organizations and resources on: Adaptive Technology; Disability Organizations; Education;
Employment; Government; Housing; Lifestyles; Media; Products And Services; Recreation Arts and Culture; Rehabilitation; Resource Centres and Libraries; Disability Type; Social Development and Legislation; Transportation

Developing an Accessible Organization


A) Introduction

B) Developing an Accessible Organization

C) Questions to Consider

D) Sources of Data and Information

E) Conclusion and Contact Information

F) See OHPE #94.2 for Resources


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