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Resources for Public Health Professionals

The Alcohol Policy Network website includes information for reducing harm from alcohol through alcohol policies. Its online services are devoted exclusively to Canadian alcohol policy issues. This site is designed to stimulate informed discussion about various aspects of alcohol policy, and to profile prevention efforts and successes of groups across Ontario.

Teleconference Material

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LEARN Project

The Learning through Evidence, Action and Reflection Networks (LEARN) project is a partnership between tobacco control practitioners engaged in the Smoke-Free Ontario strategy and PTCC. The LEARN project’s goal is to cultivate and facilitate knowledge exchange across the province and to enable efficient coordination of capacity building activities.

Online Documents Related to Feature 699


Facts and figures – Immigration overview – Permanent and temporary residents.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada – Research and Evaluation Branch. (2008).

Naître ici et venir d’ailleurs – Guide d’intervention auprès des familles d’immigration récente.

Online Resources Related to Feature 699


At Work

This is awebsite for service providers, to help them assist newcomers. This website is managed by the Ontario Council of Agencies Service Immigrants (OCASI), which also has French and English websites for newcomers: 

Caring for Canada’s Children

Online Resources Related to Feature 685


Growing Up In BC

This report, a joint effort of the B.C. Representative for Children and Youth and the Provincial Health Officer, identifies 30 indicators of well-being, and for the first time in Canada establishes a baseline of data to measure progress in improving the circumstances and outcomes for children and youth.

BC Provincial Health Officer

Online Resources Related to Feature 681


OHPE Series on Plain Language

Part I--Health literacy and clear writing go hand in hand – Make the connection between literacy level and plain English

This first article from May 2010 defined plain language and demonstrated how the theory can be put into practice.

Part II --Plain English Bootcamp: Tips for improving understanding of written materials


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