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Online Resources's from Women's College Hospital


Women's College Hospital is a community dedicated to achieving leadership in women's health in an ambulatory care setting. It is the only independent ambulatory care hospital in Ontario, and the only hospital in Ontario with a primary focus on women's health. As a teaching hospital fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, it supports research in women's health and will lead the way in training health-care providers within an ambulatory setting.

Internet Resources Related to Feature Article 608--Giving Birth in a New Land


The Ontario Metropolis Center. A research knowledge creation and transfer network that focuses on the resettlement and integration of immigrants and refugees in Ontario.

Ethnocultural Council
A coalition of national ethnocultural umbrella organizations representing a cross-section of groups across Canada. The website has a comprehensive list of cultural groups.

Additional Online Resources Realted to Mental Health and Chronic Disease


1. Common messages for mental health and chronic disease prevention

Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance's Common Messages:
Supporting Collective Priorities and Action on Chronic Disease Prevention across Ontario

Alberta Healthy Living Network Mental Health Common Messages


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