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Health Promoter Competency Resources at Health Promotion Ontario


The documents referenced in "Pan-Canadian Discipline-Specific Competencies for Health Promoters: A Progress Report," can be found at

  • Development of a Discipline-Specific Competency Set for Health Promoters - Findings from a Review of the Literature
  • Health Promoters in Canada, an Overview of Roles, Networks and Trends
  • Towards the Development of Competencies for Health Promoters in Canada

NutriSTEP(tm) (Nutrition Screening Tool for Every Preschooler)


A provincially-recognized program in Ontario, funded by the Ministry of Health Promotion with its implementation supported by the Nutrition Resource Centre. NutriSTEP(tm) is a fast and simple way to assess eating habits and identify nutrition problems of the preschool population (3-5 years), including growth and overweight issues. It is a parent-administered 17-item questionnaire that covers: food and nutrient intake, physical growth, developmental and physical capabilities, physical activity, food security and the feeding environment.


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