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Horizons newsletter: issue on Population Health


The September 1999 issue of Horizons, the newsletter of the Policy Research Initiative is on the topic of Population Health. Articles highlight early childhood development; social inequalities in health; children and young families; health services research; global perspectives on health, and more. Featured authors: Robert Evans (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research), Carolyn Decoster and Charlyn Black (Manitoba Centre for Health Policy and Evaluation), Kimberlyn McGrail et. al., John Lavis, Bani Dheer and Robert Barnard (d~Code).

Current and past editions of Horizons are available for downloading in Adobe Acrobat at

The Policy Research web site (, working in concert with the PRI newsletter, includes a list of web sites corresponding to the research themes of Horizons issues. The Population Health sites are listed at:


By Alejandro R Jadad, chief. Health Information Research Unit, Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8N 3Z5 [email protected]

In BMJ (British Medical Journal) 1999;319:761-764 ( 18 September )

The full-text of this article is available for free on BMJ

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