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This week's feature article comes from Ravi Mark Singh, a program manager with the Energy Action Council of Toronto. He writes on the connection between climate change and health promotion: "This article will provide a brief summary of climate change and the Kyoto Protocol, address the health impacts of a changing climate on the population at large, and provide suggestions about the role of the health promotion community in a post-ratification era."

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Recruit, Retain and Rethink--Improving the State of Rural Health


1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m

1st Floor Boardroom, 1 Stone Road West

A public forum with The Ontario Rural Council

This forum will focus on the state of recruiting and retention in health care and the new tools, projects and perspectives that various regions are using as they rethink health care in rural Ontario.

Participants must pre-register by contacting The Ontario Rural Council at (519) 826-4128 or by e-mail to

Updated Healthy Community, Healthy Environment Kit


This kit, produced by the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition, provides up-to-date information about the impacts of our environment on our health along with ways in which we, both as individuals and as community members, can improve our environment. Several communities in Ontario that are taking action and making a difference are showcased.

Cost: No charge, but postage and handling charges will apply. A PDF is available at no charge.


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