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The following resources include organizations and websites suggested by the writers of OHPE 294.1, "Community Health and Wellness Group, Fort Erie, Ontario," and supplementary resources provided by Alison Stirling on behalf of the OHPE Editorial Team.

This week's feature is written by Catherine Mindorff, Volunteer Project Chair, Community Health and Wellness Fort Erie.

In the introduction, she writes, "In a short period of time, Fort Erie has become one of the most progressive lower-tier municipalities in the province with respect to exploring their own health and wellness. Through the Community Health and Wellness Group Fort Erie, validated social science has been infused into town policy and culture. The 100-member volunteer group is studying and working to improve the town's health and wellness."

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Consumers Council Seeks Volunteer "Thought Leaders"


The Consumers Council of Canada is setting up a new Internet-based public network to focus on public policy issues that affect consumers. The Public Interest Network (PIN) is hoping to attract at least 500 volunteers considered "community thought leaders" to be polled via e-mail each month on issues affecting consumer policy. "We hope this will give consumer issues a more stable presence and make it easier for their expertise to be drawn upon. It is a grassroots approach, and we think the input would be very valuable for many sources," says Peta Lomberg, the project's leader. The group is looking for representatives from seniors' groups, student leaders, volunteer leaders, members of the community media, members of parent and student councils and immigrants' groups, among others. Lomberg also stresses that all information about the members of the network will be kept confidential. For more information or to apply, call (416) 778-9911 or e-mail Be sure to include some details about your background and why you would like to participate.

[Source: NewsBytes,]

New Issue of the Health Policy Research Bulletin


Issue 4 of the Health Policy Research Bulletin, entitled "Health and the Environment: Critical Pathways," is now available in html or pdf version at

"While 'the environment' in its broadest sense has important influences on human health, this issue of the Health Policy Research Bulletin focuses on the health impacts of the 'physical environment.' More specifically, it explores the range of research and evidence required to effectively assess and manage environmental health risks including, for example,

* developing environmental health indicators and ensuring that appropriate surveillance systems are in place,

* identifying potential environmental threats and assessing the associated health risks, and

* determining the pathways and mechanisms of exposure and identifying potential points for intervention."

[Source: hplink,]


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