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This week's feature is "Alcohol Advertising: An Inside Look," by Kari Sutoski of the Association to Reduce Alcohol Promotion in Ontario." In her introduction she writes, "Many people are concerned that alcohol advertising and promotion poses a public health risk. Alcohol is not like bread and milk. When misused, it can have negative consequences-- for drinkers and for society. These consequences range from affected relationships to preventable crashes, injuries, drownings and violence. Rarely do these consequences show up in the fun and carefree world of alcohol ads."

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Participate in Self-Help Awareness Week


"Families Caring for Each Other" is the theme for this year's Self-Help Awareness Week in Ontario. There are many ways you can participate:

* Forward this message and spread the word

* Visit and learn more about self-help in Ontario

* Publicize existing self-help/mutual-aid group meetings and activities in your community

* Participate in or organize a special Self-Help Awareness Week event

To inspire and assist you, the Ontario Self-Help Network has produced fabulous free postcards, a new fact sheet on Families and Self-Help/Mutual Aid and an organizing kit for those considering a local special event/activity.

For more Self-Help Awareness Week information and resources, visit

You can also contact Gillian Kranias or Jenny Formanek at (416) 487-4355/1-888-283-8806 or email [email protected].


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