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In OHPE 327.1, we present a round up of election resources that have come to our attention.

If you have a resource or point of view to add to this article, let us know by writing to [email protected]. More information on our Letters to the Editor column can be found in the OHPE News section of OHPE 268.0 ( ViewAnnouncements.cfm?ISSUE_ID=268&startrow=1).


Kids Have Stress Too! Facilitator Training Course


Kids Have Stress Too! is offering a full-day facilitator-training course for professionals working with children and families at the North York Central Library in Toronto. For more information, or to register for this course, please visit or call (416) 486-0099.

KHST! is a project of The Psychology Foundation of Canada. Our primary goal is to help children, from pre-school to age nine, learn how to manage their stress effectively.

Collaboration Essentials: Making Things Happen Together


In today's environment of growing needs and shrinking resources, it's no wonder that interest in collaboration and partnership building is perhaps higher than ever. And, the fact that more and more funders expect--even demand--it is certainly fuelling that interest. But, the desire to work together doesn't make it easy, nor does it guarantee success. Based on the latest research into what makes collaboration work, this workshop will increase your effectiveness in all of your partnering efforts.

Wanted: Real Communication Campaigns for Graduate Student Analysis


The Health Communication Unit is seeking case studies for a graduate-level health communication course at the University of Toronto. Selected campaigns will be analyzed by students as part of their course work.

Please visit for full details.

If your campaign were selected, we would need you to provide background material on a recent health communication campaign (e.g., planning documents, RFPs, proposals, focus group results and other audience analysis data, evaluation reports); access to campaign materials (e.g., early artwork drafts storyboards, alternative concepts or approaches); and a single interview with a representative of the sponsoring organizations, creative agency, in some cases, interviews with members of the audience or clients may be desired (subject to University of Toronto ethics guidelines and approvals).

If you are interested in this opportunity, please read the complete request linked above and contact Larry Hershfield by September 26, 2003.


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